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看笑话学英语笑话大全爆笑翻译1.One day a visitor from the city came to a small rural area to drive around the country roads, see how the farms

20个英语笑话爆笑超短英语笑话(一)Q: What's the difference between a monkey and a flea?A: A monkey can have fleas, but a flea can't

求一篇爆笑英语小笑话英语小笑话 TOM'S EXCUSE Teacher: Tom, why are you late for school every day?Tom: Every time I come to the corner,

英语爆笑笑话,短篇的,有中文翻译,没翻译不给分Tommy: How is your little brother, Johnny? Johnny: He is ill in bed. He hurt himself.Tommy: That's too bad. How

求简单爆笑的英文笑话,带翻译!""I wasn't asleep," the man answered."Not asleep? But you had your eyes closed.""I know. I just hate to look at

帮帮我找些特别好笑的英文笑话,有翻译啊。一定要爆笑的那种英语笑话(二)He is really somebody -- My uncle has 1000 men under him.-- He is really somebody. What does he do?-


简短的英语笑话带翻译简短的英语笑话带翻译 5 尽量简短一点的,初三水平的,不然我不会念啊,英语课上要念出来的,尽量短,也要好笑的,复制的就不用了

急需:英语小笑话,简单短小,而且超级爆笑!谢了。1.Is it a boy or a girl A: Just look at that young person with the short hair and blue jeans. Is it a boy or

急求一个爆笑的英语笑话英语笑话 1 A little boy asked his father: Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?The father replied: I don 't

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